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Maybe we're just crazy


I shot a job yesterday. I had to deliver images fast so I shot them on digital. They look great. I also shot some video. I also shot this on digital. But then I also shot a roll, just one, of Portra 400 on the RB67. 

Now I'm up at the crack of dawn, hopping on my scooter and off to the lab to get it developed. I didn't have to shoot it at all. It's inconvenient. It's a little slower. I had to carry a very heavy camera and a couple of giant lenses. All for 10 shots. 

Maybe I'm a little bit crazy. But I love it. 

I love the heavy old camera that takes an age to shoot. I love the cold air in my face as I ride in the fresh morning breeze to drop off my film. I love the wait  to get the scans back. I love the interaction I have with the people who lovingly develop and scan my film. I love the final result. 

Call me crazy then.  

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