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Store shot for Born2Ride Motorcycles


This is a 3 image composite I made for Born2Ride, a motorcycle shop in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Shooting interior/exterior scenes can be hard with the massive difference in exposure levels on the outside and inside of the buildings.

To get around this I used a 1200W Bowens light diffused through a 1m x 1m softbox for all of the shots - one illuminating the very centre of the image allowing the viewer to see right into the building creating a sense of depth; and second aimed at the Indian motorcycles on the left of the frame which were underexposed and hard to see because of the reflection on the glass; The third image was of the outside motorcycle (which wasn't in the first two images) which also had the light directed onto it from camera left.

Afterwards I combined the 3 images in Photoshop and revealed only the 'correct' bits of the images.

Not terribly complex but lots of fun.

The camera and lens used was a Canon 5D Classic and a Canon 20-35mm at F11.

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