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Love Norwood Day


This past Sunday I had a stand set up at Love Norwood Day. It was a lovely day and Norwood park was a brilliant venue.

Located on the corner of Ivy Street and Grant Avenue, Norwood park is about 10 000 square metres big and has big, shady trees. It is often filled with vagrants and so hardly used by the general public. What was particularly nice about the day was that the park was cleaned and utilised - there were a dozen stalls selling market-wares, half a dozen food trucks and tents making delicious goods and a stage and picnic area where musicians entertained the crowds all day.

Right in the middle of the park is a brick path. That is where myself and about 5 other local artists and creatives set up our tables. Next to me was my neighbour, Graeme, who makes african-themed children music. He was selling CDs. You can see his website here. I highly recommend their stuff, not just because I like him and his musical partner Erika, but because their music is a refreshing alternative to the usual Barney-And-Co-Gouge-Your-Eyes-Out-If-I-Hear-It-Again children’s music fare.

I had 16 prints on show. Mandela Man was the only sale but it was great to show my work and interact with people and get a feel for what they liked. I always enjoy this part of showing my work - I really love to chat about it with people. If they decide to buy then that’s just an added bonus.

So thanks to NORA who organised it. I really enjoyed the day, had a great view of the bands and was thankful to get my art out of the studio and show it to the public.

Here’s hoping that this becomes a monthly event and not just once a year. I don’t think I’ll have a permanent presence, just not my bag really. I prefer sales through galleries and decor stores. The park needs to be utilised more and the local residents came out in force to enjoy the park and had a great time.

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