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Different and similar.


These two bikes are as different as they are similar. 

They are both black. They are both motorcycles. They both have a big, fat rear tyre. They are both fast and they can both get you hurt. 

But dig a little deeper and you'll see that they are worlds apart. One is a Harley Davidson. One is a Honda. One American and the other Japanese. One is designed for speed and handling. The other prizes style and heritage. The people who choose one over the other are equally different. Literally worlds apart. 

The point is, to someone who doesn't know bikes and doesn't care, they are just two black bikes that are pretty much the same. People who live and breath motorcycles will see two entirely different worlds, never mind just bikes. 

We are all the person who sees two of the same - we all have our passions and knowledge of them, but we can't know everything. And thats the key. Realize that and you'll see more complexity in the world and be aware enough to slow down and dig that little bit deeper. 

Differences and similarities are everywhere. In everything. Just look. 

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