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The Green Pillar


This is another example of why I love film so much. The colours and contrast are just 'there'. No need to post process them. And even if I did, the software can only get me so close and I'm always left wondering if that is actually how the film would have looked...

It's that disconnect, at least that's how it feels to me, that leaves me cold when I shoot digital and then try to make it look like film.

I adore the colours of film. Each film stock has it's own look and I love being able to customise the look and feel of a shoot by choosing different film. This is Fuji's Superia Reala 100. Superia is consumer film and not as expensive as some of the pro films but has a huge following because it looks so damn gorgeous. Punchy colours, beautiful grain, great contrast and super sharp.

I love this film and I love this shot. I turned out just like I wanted and really feels like it was on that cold, rainy day with the moist air and the wet tar.


Like most of my images, this one is available to buy as a print. (The print comes without the watermark obviously...)

Prices are:
8x10 inch unframed - R750
10x15 inch unframed - R1250
A3 unframed - R2500
A2 unframed - R3500

Email me to order a print. Shipping can be arranged worldwide.
Framing can be done on request, just let me know in your email.

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