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Container Rental & Sales Website

I recently finished putting together the new website for Container Rental and Sales, a Cape Town based company that sells, rents and converts marine shipping containers.

I populated the content on a Squarespace site - I love Squarespace and have used them a lot in the past for my own site. As a content person and not a coder, this is a great solution for me personally and also for clients as I am able to offer them a better rate (as all I'm providing is content, editing and populating of the site) as well as a beautifully easy and elegant back-end when I'm done. I can pass on the finished site and the client has complete control of their site. (I have actually turned-down and passed-on similar work to web designers in the past when I felt that the client would benefit more from having a built-from-scratch website that was totally customised. But honestly - don't throw stones please - I think most businesses can save greatly and benefit from services like Squarespace nowadays, the designs are so, so good...)

I did the photographs and copy editing for the site. Take a look.

One of the most interesting parts of the project was seeing how these shipping containers are converted for a number of applications.

There is a school in a township called Wallacedene that was half comprised of modified containers. Amazing. Here's a link to their blog if you want to see more. And here are a couple of the images from that development:

Another conversion that was fascinating is a clinic set up in Du Noon township. Literally placed into a warehouse like LEGO blocks, this clinic was set-up really fast and is relocatable - they can literally take the roof off and move the containers, one by one, to another location, which I think they are going to actually do once a permanent clinic is finished in the area. Amazing.

The project was a lot of fun and I'm really happy with the results.

Now I see shipping containers EVERYWHERE. Seriously. It's getting weird...


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