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Scenes with Imperfection


Composed of 4 images, Scenes with Imperfection, is a meditation on life and the passing of time. The 4 images evoke the sense of seasons, though it is intentionally unclear which image relates to which season. All the images are careful still-life's with a nod to Japanese minimalism. Shot on Medium format black and white film, the images have a gentle, beautiful quality about them. When I developed the film, I carefully mis-loaded the film into the developing tanks so that there would be natural and unexpected imperfections - some parts of the film touched and the chemicals did not develop evenly; a part of the developing tank was opened briefly to allow light to cause light leaks on parts of the film; some of the film got scratched while being mis-loaded.

The result is a blend of the careful and the spontaneous. And the images came out unique and full of subtle character. I am extremely pleased at the result and the prints are detailed and beautiful, perfect printed at 20cm x 20cm allowing them to remain delicate objects that call out for close inspection.

The names of the 4 prints are Orchid, Babushka, Guitar, and Bonsai. They are all images of wood in different stages of life, all used for our aesthetic pleasures in different ways - to create beauty from carved wood and paint, from sound and craftsmanship, from tending to them and loving them, and from their natural beauty.

In case you are interested in the technical information, all images were shot with a Ricohflex VII, on Fujifilm Acros 100 and developed in D76 for ten minutes. They were scanned with a CanoScan 9000F and dust removal, cleaning up and dodging and burning was done in both Aperture and Photoshop.

Here are the images:

Scenes with Imperfection, Orchid, 2014

Scenes with Imperfection, Babushka, 2014

Scenes with Imperfection, Guitar, 2014

Scenes with Imperfection, Bonsai, 2014

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