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Prep Makes Perfect - Pre-Exhibition Mock Up


In October I held an exhibition of new work at The Cow Artworks in Parkhurst. I used this exhibition to show a different side of my work - more street photography based where I combined architecture and city exploration with a bit more 'found-scenes'.

One of the hardest parts of any exhibition I've found is the hanging. What goes where? It can bring you and your loved ones to blows, if they are daring enough to assist with the hanging.

I read a lovely interview with Wolfgang Tillmans in a wonderful magazine called Fantastic Man (both man and mag highly recommended) in which he described creating scale models of his exhibition spaces and then doing the planning and layout beforehand.

Best. Idea. Ever.

This made the process of which works to hang together much, much easier. I first sat down with my girlfriend Tallula and we grouped images in different combinations looking at colour, size, theme and so on. Finally we did a basic layout on the walls of the scale model. Then I was left alone to my devices and did the final tweakings so that I created a flow for the viewers as they walked around the space.

An interesting oddity was one small print that I put quite low on a small wall. People would have to bend down and look at the print and would then be eye-to-eye with the subject. It turned out to be the best selling print of the show. If this was a factor I am not sure.

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