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Hello, Old Friend


This is a mirror selfie taken with my little ol' Sony W110. We've been reunited.

This was the first camera I bought myself. Before this, when I had gotten the bug for photography, I had been using a Canon compact lent to me by my girlfriend at the time. Thanks Alison. Prior to this it was film compacts and my dad's old Canons. But this was my first digital. I was addicted.

I agonised over this little fella. I was working as an Online Content Manager at the time for a large international corporate and I was hating it. Who knew, on that fateful day when I opened the box of this Sony and put it on charge at the office and then took it for it's first outing exploring the streets of Joburg during our lunch break, that this would be the beginning of something special where I could make a living doing something I loved so much?

I never dreamed of it at the time. I just wanted to capture the world around me. I was smitten with the realisation that all my senses were heightened. Even today, when I have a camera in my hand or in my bag I am aware of everything around me just that little bit more. I look for patterns, admire colours and shapes and my eye seeks compositions. And every once in a while I take the camera to my eye and take a photograph.

My sister moved to England a few years ago and we swopped cameras. I gave her this Sony and I got her Canon 350D. We were both very happy with the swop :) That was another huge leap forward in my photographic education. Thanks Tess.

A year ago, my sister gave this Sony to my mother. My sister had upgraded to a Panasonic GF1 (I'm still a little jealous... I've always wanted one of those...) and decided my mother needed something a little better than her Blackberry for photos. It has been sitting in a drawer ever since.

Tonight, at dinner, i asked about the camera. I think about it often... To my delight it was safely nestled in a drawer right next to the table. I got home and put the very dead battery on the charger and did a little jig when it slotted into the camera and the Sony sprang back to life.

And now it's back home. One of the cameras I really and truly love. It's nothing special. Bit it's special to me. I've won awards with pictures taken with this. I've printed and sold prints taken with it. I've loved it and loved using it.

Welcome home, Old Friend.

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