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First Day with the Olympus OM-D

So I did something crazy. I traded in all my Canon EOS digital gear (kept a few film bodies I would hate to part with) and got an Olympus OM-D EM5 setup.

I opted for the M. Zuiko 17mm F2.8 and M. Zuiko 45mm F1.8 primes and am looking very hard at a few other lenses. I must say, the choice of lenses is lovely and one of the main reasons I decided to go into the Micro Four Thirds camp. The main reason for the change? Have you held the OM-D? OMG. Love at first blush.

This is the first digital camera I've really loved. And it's only been 1 day... Sure I've had other cameras that were great. But I didn't love them. I had tremendous respect for them, sure. But thats kinda like marrying someone cause you look good together in photos.

I went for the sliver body because it just rocks my world. So. Damn. Lovely.

Both lenses have exceeded my expectations. And I was shooting L and the best regarded non-L glass with the Canons. The 45mm I knew was going the be a winner but the 17mm is a surprising gem too. Maybe I lucked-out and got a sweet copy because, for all the average reports out there on the web, this one is absolutely stunning. Aside from a touch of (easily fixable in post) CA, this tiny little lens has made me not regret parting with the 35mm 1.4L Canon. Seriously, that good. Sure there's less DOF but the photos have a lovely character with this little guy. And the 45mm? I think that piece of optical goodness deserves it's own blog post. Maybe it's the smaller pieces of glass making it easier to hit tighter tolerances in manufacturing in Micro Four Thirds but these lenses are stupid good, especially for the price.

The files out of the OM-D are superb. High ISO is nowhere near my 5D mk2 but I didn't expect them to be. On the odd occasion I need 6400 for clients like the 5D can do, I have access to a Mark 3. So after, freaking out a bit at the watercolour smearing, I realised I needed to urgently turn off the noise reduction* and BAM! - gorgeous JPEGs up to 1600. Sometimes higher depending on the scene. Go RAW for anything higher I'd say... That's plenty for me. Remember, I'm often shooting (and overexposing) 100 or 400 ASA film in a shoot too so that's where my digital lives anyway...

I still can't believe how tiny this camera is and what it can produce. The EVF takes a bit of getting used to but has a lot of great advantages. Seeing exactly what you'll get? Done. Hit the Fn2 button with the little curves icon and adjust the highlights and shadow curves and SEE the effects. Wicked cool.

Enough talk. Here's some photos from the last day. I am especially in love with the one of my sister Tess, posing for the 45mm to work it's magic. But as good as the 45 is, she is beautiful and makes the photo.

Ok, I gotta go and shoot something now.

*Repeat after me "Detail Good, Noise Reduction Evil".

Camera Retrospective, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8

Lulu in Storefront Light, Olympus OM-D, 45mm 1.8

Approaching Storm, Olympus OM-D, 45mm 1.8

Oh Goody Oh Goody Oh Goody, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8

Tess, Olympus OM-D, 45mm 1.8

Distraction, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8

Coffee and The News, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8

Art, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8

Lulu with Magazine, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8 - This was with the Grainy B&W Art Filter in-camera. Amazing! Only edits I did was a slight highlight recovery.

Loaves of Goodness, Olympus OM-D, 17mm 2.8

Headstocks, Olympus OM-D, 45mm 1.8

Pablo Rocking the Mat, Olympus OM-D, 45mm 1.8 - straight out of camera, no adjustments. Look at those lovely colours! Wow.


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