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Print of the Month: Royal Naval College, Greenwich


I'm really happy to finally be doing a print of the month. Each month, I will choose one print that will be for sale at a reduced price. It's a nice way to show you new work and to make some of the prints people ask about more affordable. The print is only on sale until the end of each month.

About this month's print:

Royal Naval College, Greenwich is part of the series Things We Found Amongst the Chaos. This series is a visual journey around London, Oxford and Brighton from November 2009 to March 2010. This photograph was taken from the Greenwich Pier and is looking down the Thames with the beautiful buildings of the Royal Naval College on the right. The tide was high. You can see the lights on inside some of the windows. Walking past, I could hear music students practicing. The night this photograph was taken, I stopped along the shores of the Thames for a while to enjoy the soothing sounds of the saxophone. Then a band began rehearsing a jazz number. It was a welcome change from the biting cold. The clouds were brooding and the ice from the recent snows was making the air so cold it hurt my throat when I breathed in. I lived a few hundred metres from this pier and when I wasn't using the Pier to go to work, I'd walk here and just enjoy this very scene and how it changed each time I went there.

The photograph is slightly tinted with a gentle coffee tint to warm the image.

The large size of this photography is 170cm x 69cm and is quite dazzling. The sheer size of the print allows you to really feel the flow of the waters and the swelling of the clouds. I love standing in front of the print and just letting myself get absorbed in it. I am also offering this at a smaller size of 100cm x 37cm because the large size is very big and some people may not have space for such a large print. Above is a picture of me holding the small size. (Those long shapes on either side are rulers used to hold the print flat, not part of the print.)

This photograph is printed on Epson Premium Lustre paper and is fully archival.

Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 2011
Size: 170cm x 69cm or 100cm x 37cm
Edition of 10
Number still available: 8

Price:  R4500 for the large size (Usually R8000)
R2000 for the small size (Usually R4500)

Notes: This print is sold unframed. Free delivery inside of South Africa.

Email dan@danrosenthal.net to place an order.

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