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A Wedding in Israel

Wedding Prep. iPhone. Shot with Mattebox.
© D. Rosenthal 2012

Excuse my absence this past couple of weeks.

I was in Israel for my sister's wedding. It was a great experience and Tel Aviv, where I was staying, surprised me immensely - fun, vibrant, relaxed.

The above photo is one of 3 digital photos I took on the wedding day. They were on my iPhone, meant for sharing. everything else was shot on film. Kodak 400 TMAX and Tri-X. I took Big Betty. She performed flawlessly. She is amazing. Heavy but I wouldn't have shot the wedding any other way.

I wanted to savour the memories. I chose film for a number of reasons. They are reserved for another post. It'll come, after the film is developed and printed.

Hope your weekend is filled with fun and photos.


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