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Film and the Great Unknown


Film and the Great Unknown
Originally uploaded by Dan Rosenthal

I dropped off 4 rolls of film at the lab today. I am excited. I'll know, for sure, what was on them tomorrow. I'll know what went right and what went wrong. I shot a stock I like in an ASA that is different to the one I normally use. I exposed it a bit differently. I can't wait to see how it came out. Today I shot another roll of that film but with my dearest camera and with a lens that is old but new to me, lent to me by a kind fellow who told me to take my time and return it when I'm ready. It's a 35mm. It's new. It's different. Today I also shot digital. I needed to see the result right away. It's amazing. Unthinkably fast and efficient. It always makes me smile. Waiting for film to return to me from a lab always leaves me expectant, a little bit anxious, full of excitement. Sometimes I love to know what I have gotten after I release the shutter. Sometimes the wait - an hour, a day, a week - is excruciating. Always, when I get the film back and lay it on a light-table, it is pure joy. Create. Wait. Reward. With different intervals and different media.

Canon 1nRS, Canon 24-70 2.8L, Ilford Delta 3200

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