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The Tourists


The Tourists
Originally uploaded by Dan Rosenthal

I was a tourist too.

And I had a camera. And I was taking pictures. But this couple really did crack me up and were the perfect cliché Asian tourists. You know: everyone in the group with cameras or video camcorders who only put them down to be photographed by one of their fellow travelers then get right back to capturing every single moment around them, never looking up from their screens. It's very odd indeed and that is exactly what these guys were doing. And they were in a large group documenting their surroundings.

I can't help but wonder what they do with all those stills and footage though... They must leave a holiday with hundreds of gigs of data. Do they ever actually look through it?!? Do they show it to their friends? (Like at dinners where they invite them over and make them sit through 14 hours of uneditied footage in ransom for the actual food...) Do they ever print any of their photos?

We were waiting together for a ferry to take us to the city. I really like this shot of this couple. It's funny and cute. I almost showed it to them on the back of my camera. But they were completely absorbed.

Sydney, Australia.
Canon 5Dmk2, Canon 50mm 1.4

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