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Love this Guitar


Love this Guitar
Originally uploaded by Dan Rosenthal

I sat down this morning and played my favorite guitar for the first time in a long time.

I mean I've plucked and strummed here and there, but today was the first time in ages that I really PLAYED it: fingers aching afterwards, pissing off the neighbors maybe, remembering that lick that is just so cool you have to play it a dozen times faster and faster and faster.

I missed this. I'll do it more often. I miss playing in a band. I miss being on stage. I miss making a lot of awesome noise. Maybe this year I'll remedy that...

I love this guitar. I almost sold it a while back when times were tough. I don't think I really would have gone ahead with it. I swore to myself I'd have this guitar till the day I died.

Canon 5Dmk2, Canon 24-70 2.8L, Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster, <3

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